Youtube Prajakta Koli partners with UNDP to raise climate issues

Youtube star and actress Prajakta Koli has joined forces with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) India today, as the first ever UNDP Youth Climate Champion in India.

As the UNDP Youth Climate Champion in India, Koli will be given the responsibility of interacting with young minds to raise awareness of the adverse effects of climate change, global warming and biodiversity loss that are felt by all. sections of society, especially the poor. and marginalized communities, impacting their lives and livelihoods, as well as the economy as a whole.

She will address the need for collective action by sharing inspiring stories of how governments, communities and
individuals are taking specific action to make a real difference.

According to the G20 People’s Climate Vote 2021 report, almost 67% of young people in India see the climate crisis as a global emergency and express the urgent need to create and change policies.

Strong advocates of green development, young people are giving voice by making climate-conscious choices in their lifestyle, such as buying sustainably sourced products and opting for environmentally friendly transport, while devoting their skills to exploiting innovative ideas to help action towards the climate crisis.

A delighted Prajakta Koli says, “I am extremely humbled and honored to have had this unique responsibility to champion a cause close to my heart. As the first ever UNDP Youth Climate Champion in India, I would love to produce and participate in opportunities that propel conversations around climate action and the urgent steps we need to take.

Young people must be the torchbearers of this revolution and the foot soldiers who will work towards the common goal of an enriched and empowered future where the human species is not endangered. We created this problem, but we can also solve it. With UNDP, I will strive to work with young minds around the world to take the right steps for climate action.

Welcoming Prajakta, Shoko Noda, UNDP Resident Representative in India, said, “We are delighted to have Prajakta on board as UNDP India’s Youth Climate Champion. Young people are the main voice to make the world more sustainable. Prajakta has a strong connection with millions of young Indians. I’m sure his voice touches the hearts of young people and inspires them to take action for the climate. »

Known for being an active advocate for youth-centric social issues, Koli has tackled issues such as body shaming and online bullying with “Shameless” as part of her #iPledgeToBeMe campaign which she has launched on World Mental Health Day in 2016.

As YouTube’s Global Creators Ambassador for Change, she shined a light on trolling, female subjugation and homophobia through “No Offence” which premiered on the International Day of tolerance at the United Nations headquarters in New York. In 2018, she was seen in WhatsApp’s first-ever TVC which was about the importance of not spreading fake news.

Teresa H. Sadler