The new global warming report is far darker than most think – prepare for more disruptive climate protests

Climate change: ocean warming could quadruple by 2090, study says

Climate change will cause ocean warming to quadruple by 2090 if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, threatening marine life and weather patterns around the world, scientists say.


The new sea warming report is so bleak and I think pretending shit will get better if we recycle, cycle and become carbon neutral by 2050 is nothing more than optimism empty.

I don’t think the vast majority of Kiwis still understand how bad things are going to get from a purely scientific point of view.

To illustrate this disconnect between what is about to envelop us and our current state of ignorance, this climate change protest action in Wellington interfered with traffic.

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Those who complain about this protest style had better get used to it because the catastrophic and extreme climate that we are going to witness will push the protesters to more and more radical actions.

The sea warming report is so grim because it’s now clear that warming oceans will melt methane frozen to the ocean floor, causing huge belches of methane that once set off a cascade that sent global temperatures soaring 10 degrees in the space of decade, which would melt the entire Greenland ice sheet, which in turn would pump fresh water into the Labrador Sea, which in turn would close the Atlantic overturning meridional circulation and plunge the northern hemisphere in an ice age.

It’s all the worst parts of Armageddon, but underwater.

The ongoing protest action that has been taking place in Wellington all week is just the beginning of the response to our refusal to adapt to climate change and the protests will only become more and more disruptive as each week that happening, there are more and more extreme climate events.

One of the reasons your food inflation is skyrocketing is due to massive droughts and massive floods interrupting the agricultural calendar!

This is impacting our food prices right now!

That’s why the hate speech laws and new police surveillance powers the wokes are calling for will be immediately used on environmentalists, you clowns!

The climate catastrophe will only get worse as the years pass, our unwillingness and refusal to do anything meaningful to address this reality will drive the protest movement towards more disruptive actions, a disruption that the state will use immediately the very powers that awakened demand that they be given.

The awakened believe that the new powers they demand for the state will be used to stop racists, transphobes and sexists.

The reality is that the state will use them against those who threaten capitalism.

There is a fatality at Aotearoa Fortress.

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Teresa H. Sadler