The Minister of the Environment launches the first national dialogue on climate change

Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad has launched the first national climate change dialogue since Sharm el-Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate. This is a continuation of Egypt’s preparations to host the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 27) climate conference next November.

The event brought together Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, representatives of members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the media, civil and local society, young people and representatives of Al-Azhar and the Church.

A number of YouTubers and social media sites, a number of public figures and Environment Ministry leaders were also present.

Fouad explained that the launch of the national dialogue on climate change is a message to the world that COP 27 is an executive conference in the first place in which Egypt starts itself as a message to the world from the land of peace with the nature to limit the effects of climate change at all levels.

The minister added that it will start with the citizen and with the participation of media professionals, religious, civil society, young people and women to reconcile with the planet.

She noted that Egypt’s hosting of COP 27 is the start of a shift towards implementation for the world in integrating the fight against climate change into the lives of individuals and society as a whole. and preparing partnerships with the private sector in all Egyptian governorates.

Fouad pointed out that Egypt has attached great importance to the issue of awareness because it is the cornerstone to define to the citizen how to contribute to the fight against climate change through his daily life.

This will be done by rationalizing the consumption of water, energy and resources. Hence the launch of the national dialogue to begin in all the governorates of Egypt.

The minister explained that the work to host the climate conference stemmed from political leaders’ belief in environmental work and Egypt’s role in addressing it.

The mandate to prepare the conference came from the committee formed under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to show Egypt in its new form of development and with its efforts and projects that take into account the protection of the environment on its way to the new republic that takes sustainable development into account in all its projects and tackles the effects of climate change.

She reviewed Egypt’s efforts and plans to combat climate change. The minister shed light on seawater desalination and wastewater reuse projects. In addition, she talked about the Nile Delta protection projects, the use of renewable energies, environmentally friendly alternative energies and the Amban energy project.

The minister also mentioned the projects that Egypt is working to put in place to counter the effects of climate change, despite the fact that Egypt’s greenhouse gas emissions do not exceed 1%.

Fouad indicated that we must be well aware that climate change has now become a reality in our lives, and we must all contribute to solving it. She added that we are all reaping the effects of climate change in what we are witnessing through weather fluctuations and the unusual climatic effects of wildfires, among other global effects.

Foad also announced Egypt’s first environmental journalism and climate change media award. The prize will be organized in cooperation with the Association of Environment and Development Writers on behalf of the late great journalist Suzan Zaki. This comes in recognition of his efforts to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues, which spanned more than twenty years.

For his part, the Governor of South Sinai explained that efforts to develop Sharm el-Sheikh and its infrastructure over the past few years have been an important factor in his choice to host many international conferences.

He said that Sharm el-Sheikh hosted the Biodiversity Conference and the Global Youth Forum, until COP 27. He said that this conference is one of the most important and important international conferences in terms of size and volume of participation, which affects thousands of participants.

The governor said it would turn Sharm el-Sheikh into an international conference city, especially since conference tourism is one of the most important in sustaining the national income.

He explained that all the governorate staff members are working as one burgeoning team to finalize the city’s development plans and transform it into a green city before the start of the COP27 climate conference in the last months of This year.

He also affirmed the continued support of political leaders and all members of government, as well as the continued support of the Ministry of Environment.

Teresa H. Sadler