The health of the planet is a major global concern –

Courtesy of Innova Market Insights

Arnhem, NetherlandsThe health of the planet is now a major global concern, surpassing human health. That’s according to Innova’s Lifestyle & Attitude survey.

The number one trend in the survey was joint liability: consumers believe that trust and transparency are important in product creation. In the eating habits category, reducing food choices (43%) and eating in moderation (32%) are the top two actions consumers are taking to help the planet.

For the first time ever, more consumers surveyed globally in Innova’s Lifestyle & Attitude survey say the health of the planet is their top global concernrather than population health,” said Lu Ann Williams, Insights Director at Innova market overview.

    Innova Market Insights Survey
Courtesy of Innova Market Insights

Main findings:

  • 63% of consumers surveyed would like to eat at a restaurant that actively prevents food waste.
  • 20-25% of consumers have adjusted their product purchases due to environmental concerns. This includes: Choosing foods with environmentally friendly packaging and choosing sustainably grown products.
  • Nearly half of consumers said they were reducing their food waste.
  • Nearly three in 10 consumers said it is more expensive to buy environmentally friendly products.
  • Yet more than 50% of consumers said they are willing to pay more for brands that are committed to solving global issues. This includes: plastic waste (64%), ocean pollution (63%) and food waste (62%).

“In our 2021 Innova Trends Survey, 55% of consumers worldwide say there are too many environmental labels and they don’t know what to look for,” Williams noted. “Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of consumers surveyed globally agree or strongly agree that they prefer one label that reflects full environmental impact rather than multiple labels.”

Ethical claims regarding the environment:

  • Products carrying environmental claims increased at three times the rate of total food and beverage activity.
  • There was an overall 17.3% increase in food and beverage launches with ethical environmental claims from 2017 to 2021.
  • Food and beverages using recycled ingredients increased by 122%.
  • Products containing recycled plastic increased by 59%.
  • Products with water saving claims increased by 49%.
  • PProducts with carbon emissions claims increased by 47%.
  • Products without palm oil increased by 36%.
International Map of Consumer Concerns
Innova Trends Survey 2021
Courtesy of Innova Marketing Insights

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