The cycling rally raises awareness of the environment and climate issues

LAHORE: The Pakistani Kissan Rabita Committee, in collaboration with the Crofter Foundation, the Aman Movement and the Tameer Nau Women organization, organized a cycling rally here in City to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues.

The rally started from the Press Club and bypassed the Shimla Pahari. The cyclists held banners and signs demanding an end to the use of fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal. About 60 people attended the rally.

Speaking to the media at the rally, Secretary General of the Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, Farooq Tariq, said: “Pakistan is the most affected country in terms of climate change. He asked the government to stop producing energy from fossil fuels.

The rest of the world has already switched to cleaner mediums, even our neighbor China has announced the shutdown of coal-based electricity. We need immediate transition plans to move to green energy solutions; otherwise, climate change issues will have catastrophic impacts on Pakistan.

Pakistan’s inflation and rising electricity prices are not only reprehensible, but also the result of dirty energy policies. Pakistan generates electricity from imported oil and gas and because of this it is very expensive, we need an immediate transition to greener media, he said.

Crofter Foundation Secretary General Saima Zia said all civil society organizations must come forward to raise awareness about climate and environment in Pakistan.

The rally was part of a global action launched by the Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development. Cycling enthusiasts have joined climate activists in coordinated cycling events in 11 countries across Asia, calling on governments and businesses to save the planet from climate catastrophe.

Teresa H. Sadler