The A22 network organizes a global press conference on climate change

LONDON, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Tuesday, April 12 at 3 p.m. UK time, citizens of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland , of the United Kingdom and the United States, known together as the A22 network, will hold an online press conference to provide an update on their unprecedented campaigns of ongoing non-violent disruption to force their governments to end to the greatest betrayal of our youth and the next thousand generations.

“We must act quickly. I believe that what we do in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.” – Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, February 2021

“By 2030, around 250 million people could experience high water stress in Africa, with up to 700 million people displaced as a result.” – IPCC Sixth Assessment Report 2022

Throughout this month, citizen members of the A22 network are blocking roads, railways and fossil fuel infrastructure, leading to mass arrests, while others participate in indefinite hunger strikes. This is the new face of nonviolent resistance to the climate crisis in the 2020s, our darkest hour, our final hour. We will create a new society that accepts limits, finally makes peace with itself, and this most beautiful and precious world, our only home.


Alex Lockwood, University of Sunderland, co-founder of Animal Rebellion

Speakers will include:

Peter Kalmus, climatologist, leader of Scientist Rebellion

And representatives of A22 network campaigns around the world.

Opportunities for journalists who register and attend to become part of upcoming actions are limited.

Register here:

About the uprising: After a 1.2 degree Celsius rise in global average temperatures and as Russia wages the latest fossil fuel war against its neighbour, ordinary people are taking action against mass starvation, mass displacement and the social collapse. Within this coalition of nine countries, each group has a specific, broadly popular and winnable policy demand.

The Panel will include representatives from:

Fire retardant Australia | Fire retardant Australia

Save the Old Stands (Canada) | instagram| Facebook | Twitter | Tik Tok | Youtube| Media Photos

Latest Renovation/Last Renovation France |Instagram| facebook| Twitter | ICT Tac

Last generation Germany/Generation Letzte | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tik Tok | YouTube | Telegram | LinkedIn | Website | Media photos | Folder Logos

Last Generation Italy/Ultima Generazione | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram | Twitter

Stopp Oljeletinga!/ Extinction Rebellion Norway | Facebook | Instagram|Twitter

Renovate Switzerland | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tik Tok | Media photos | Folder Logos

Just Stop Oil United Kingdom | Instagram | Twitter

Declare Emergency (US) | Media Photos | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tik Tok | Youtube

Media contacts: [email protected]

(Australia +61 435 750 814) Canada (778-316-8025), (France +33645940543) (Germany +49641201099549), (Italy +39 379 188 6195), Norway (+47 406 05 938) Switzerland (+4179 727 ) 99 29), (US +1 585 709 3759)

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