The 2022 Climate Correction™ conference addressed food sustainability and climate change solutions

ORLANDO, FL –News Direct– VoLo Foundation

Food sustainability was at the forefront of climate change discussions during the 2022 Climate Correction™, the premier annual climate action conference in the United States focused on finding innovative solutions to combat climate change. This is the fourth consecutive year.

The event, which took place on March 17and and 18and2022 in Orlando, FL covered a host of topics such as our food crisis, climate-smart agriculture, carbon neutrality, industry challenges, policy progress for ecosystem-based climate solutions, the artificial intelligence and adaptation to climate change.

More than 40 industry experts, including scientists, business leaders, government officials, researchers, university faculties and frontline advocates also shared cutting-edge research and compelling insights. A panel in Spanish was included in the program for the first time. The event was hosted by meteorologists John Morales, chief meteorologist for WTVJ NBC6-TV and Irene Sans, editorial manager for Weather & Radar USA.

Climate Correction™ Expo featured more than 16 exhibitors working towards a climate-ready future, such as innovative companies, technology solutions, non-profit organizations, universities and research institutes. The partnership with the Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida was key to this event.

Presented by Volo Foundation, the event is their flagship and reflects the mission of the organization. “Climate change is affecting our food systems and the future of our agricultural sector,” said David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel, Founders and Trustees of the VoLo Foundation. “We must continue to find smart and sustainable science-based solutions to build resilient agroecosystems that conserve land, restore wetlands and help sequester carbon.”

the 2022 Climate correctionMT The conference was a net zero event. To achieve this, the VoLo Foundation has partnered with an environmental non-profit organization We are neutral, which worked to offset the impact of the conference on the carbon footprint. Additionally, the conference was held at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, a designated Florida Green Lodging property.

As part of its commitment to keep the conversation open about climate change, the VoLo Foundation has announced the launch of its Spanish podcast “Corrección Climática, El Podcast”, hosted by Andrea García, which features in-depth conversations with experts from leading environmental organizations to learn more about how climate change is shaping our daily lives and how you can be part of the solution.

The launch of the podcast in Spanish comes after the success of “Climate Correction, The Podcast”, hosted by Shannon Maganiezin, launched in December 2020. For more information, please visit /

Florida News Network, a state radio news network providing news, resources, and long-form programming to radio stations throughout Florida, served as the media partner.

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About the Volo Foundation

The VoLo Foundation is a private family foundation established in 2014 by David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel that seeks to educate the public on how to create a sustainable and safe planet for generations to come. Their mission is to accelerate global change and impact by supporting science-based climate solutions, improving education and improving health.

Through original research and analysis, and in collaboration with philanthropic and academic partners, VoLo aims to enrich the lives of individuals, strengthen communities and educate future generations. The foundation tracks its progress using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches, while supporting programs that generate measurable, meaningful, and lasting results.

VoLo has awarded nearly US$8.5 million in 2021, primarily to enable non-governmental organizations and universities to advance climate knowledge, research and advocacy, and additionally, to support communities in the need through humanitarian contributions.

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