The 17th Global Warming Congress was held in Izmir

The 17th Global Warming Congress was held in Izmir

The Congress Committee on Global Warming held its 17th event this year in Fuarİzmir against the environmental and climate crisis that threatens the world and our country. During the Global Warming Congress, which has been held every year for 17 years to raise awareness against the climate crisis, the motto “Recycling for Better Livable Cities is Indispensable” was put on the table and debated. The event, which was carried out with the contributions of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was held on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in İZFAŞ, within the framework of the We-Cycle Environment and Recycling Technologies exhibition, which was held for the first time.

Organized by the Global Warming Convention Committee, with contributions from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and sponsored by Toyota, the event is supported by the Association of Economic Journalists (EGD), the New Seeking Initiative Platform Association (YAPDER) and the Renewable Energy Support Platform, as every year.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, inaugurated the event, organized to raise awareness that the world we live in also belongs to future generations. At the event, which was hosted by Chairman of the Congressional Committee on Global Warming and Chairman of the High Advisory Board of the Association of Business Journalists Celal Toprak, Pact Board Member United Nations Global Council (UNGC) Servet Yıldırım and Reis Gıda Board Chairman Mehmet Reis attended and delivered speeches online. .

İTHİB Board Member Sultan Tepe moderated the first session titled “The Media Perspective on Recycling” which was held in the foyer of İZFAŞ, the President of the Association of Journalists of İTHİB. ‘Izmir, Dilek Gappi, President of the Association of Economic Journalists (EGD) Recep Erçin, President of the Federation of Turkish Journalists, Yılmaz Karaca EKOIQ Editorial Its director, Barış Doğru, participated as a speaker.

Environmental writer and journalist Ahmet Aydın Akansu was the moderator of the second session titled “The Business Perspective on Recycling”, which was also held in the same region. During the session of the second part, civil society leaders and businessmen took the floor. Chairman of Small Appliances Industrialists Association Senur Akın Biçer, Chairman of İZIKAD Board Betül Sezgin, Head of Blue Growth Policy Unit Saygın Can Oğuz, Director of Biotrend Energy İzmir Harmandalı facility, Burak Şahin, TUDAM President Vedat Kılıç shared their views and suggestions on recycling.

In the last part of the congress, ‘Why is recycling important? issue was put on the table. In the forum moderated by Celal Toprak, Chairman of the Congress Committee on Global Warming, Selim Okutur, Director of Corporate Relations of Toyota Turkey, Chairman of Trakyam Producing Women Cooperative Aynur Çeşmeliler, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Environment of Ataşehir Municipality Ayten Bağdatlıoğlu Kartal, President of Hamburger Recycling Turkey Waste Management AŞ of Ebru Tunç Akbulut Council. and TOBB’s Waste and Recycling Industry Advisor gave speeches. At the same time, the participants of the room took the floor and drew attention to the importance of recycling.

At the end of the event, CHP Deputy Aydın Hüseyin Yıldız, who fights climate crisis, Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, CHP Deputy İzmir Atilla Sertel, İSTAÇ General Manager Ziya Gökmen Togay, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Zeydan Karalar, General of Istanbul Energy AŞ Director Yüksel Yalçın and plaques of appreciation were also presented to various individuals and institutions.

Teresa H. Sadler