TFB launches a web page on climate issues and resources

By Julie Tomascik

To help farmers, ranchers, and landowners navigate information related to agricultural sustainability, climate issues, and carbon markets, the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) has launched the Climate Issue Resources webpage.

Information and resources are available at

“There are many emerging ideas and platforms related to climate and carbon markets, so it’s important to stay informed,” said Jay Bragg, Associate Director of Commodities and Regulatory Affairs at TFB. “This webpage serves as a resource that will be continuously updated with information to help farmers, ranchers and landowners have accurate information.”

The webpage includes sections on sustainability, carbon markets, policy, research reports and news related to climate issues.

“This page features trending topics and information to help Farm Bureau members better understand the opportunities, challenges, and other considerations they should consider before getting involved in the carbon or sustainability markets. “Bragg said.

He noted that farmers and ranchers in Texas are striving to be environmentally and economically sustainable. Agricultural research and voluntary stewardship investments and practices, some of which are outlined in the Farm Bill, have helped farmers strengthen their stewardship efforts.

A new analysis of data from the Environmental Protection Agency also highlights reductions in agricultural emissions and the importance of developing new research and technologies to capture more carbon in croplands and pastures, a- he declared.

“Farmers and ranchers across the state and nation are using climate-smart practices that reduce emissions, enrich the soil, and protect our air and water,” Bragg said. “This resource page provides research papers, articles, and policy information to keep farmers and ranchers informed on the many topics related to sustainability and climate issues.”

See resource information at or contact Bragg for more information at [email protected]

Teresa H. Sadler