Tackling climate issues with resource-efficient grow towers

“Given the increasing scarcity of resources, this is the best growing system a grower can use these days,” says David Steenkiste, founder of Plant-T. The Belgian company provides plug and play grow towers to European growers and companies.

Solve climate problems
According to David, these towers are part of solving the puzzle of climate change. The Benelux suffers more from floods and heat waves, which are becoming more extreme every year. “With our systems you solve many ‘problems’ such as energy consumption and growing area. Everything becomes more limited or more expensive due to strict EU rules,” David notes.

David van Steenkiste, Founder

“Lettuce growers, as well as herb growers, can greatly benefit from towers, given the many varieties that can easily be grown. On top of that, tomato and strawberry growers could get a huge water saving benefit, as these crops use a lot of water,” says David.

According to him, this does not only apply to aspiring producers, but also to companies, since they can easily facilitate systems in a canteen or a meeting area, where they can use the fresh produce for lunch or dinner, for example. “Even if you leave the tower for two weeks, you will come back and find the growing tower full of produce and ready to harvest!” As David explains, there’s also an educational side to it that makes people care more about their food.

The many advantages
One of the main advantages is the cost, as the towers are inexpensive and require little energy and maintenance, as well as the many crops, herbs and plants that can be grown in the systems, making it a game child to grow anything. Beside that, production can be speeded up effortlessly. Apart from efficient and low-cost growth, the towers are also made from recycled materials.

David notes that by adding more height to the tower, growth improves because produce can reach warmer areas. As the system is plug-and-play, around 150 rounds – and therefore 5400 spectacular plants! – can be supervised by one person.

All-in-one service
“We believe in providing the complete package, not just the product. Depending on the products, our team will create the right package that a producer needs. You don’t have to be a pro to use our products, but we’ll help customers every step of the way,” says David. Delivery options are possible within Europe and an additional discount is offered when ordering more than five towers. First, the focus is on Europe, but after that, the company wants to take an international approach.

Customers can request anything they want, and the team will put it all together. If anything breaks or is needed after delivery, from seeds to equipment, Plant-T will ship everything on time. “We really want our customers to feel understood, so we often go one-on-one to help them with anything, no matter when or what,” Davids adds.

The company offers a wide range of crops, herbs, flowers and other products. As the seasons change, Plant-T also offers specialty or seasonal crops for growers, from flowers in the spring to strawberries in the summer, and more.

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