Scientists predict that the new climate law will reduce global warming.

A climate scientist who oversaw an independent review of the law believes the sweeping clean energy incentives included in the US law signed by President Joe Biden on Tuesday will have a “modest but not insignificant” impact on future global warming.

According to a recent analysis by Climate Action Tracker, the United States is not doing its fair share to keep the planet within tenths of a degree of warming, even with an estimated $375 billion in tax credits and other financial incentives for energy. legally renewable. Scientists assess and rank each nation’s climate goals and initiatives. Although some progress was hailed, he nevertheless called the US efforts “insufficient”.

According to Bill Hare, head of Australia-based Climate Analytics and the company that produces the tracker, “it’s the biggest thing to happen to the United States in terms of climate policy.” “When you look back over the past decades, there has been a lot of rhetoric, but not a lot of action,” the speaker said.

It is, he says, action. Despite this, Americans still emit twice as much heat-trapping gas per person as Europeans, according to Hare. The United States has also released more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere than any other country over time.

Teresa H. Sadler