Satellite Vu + Landmark collaboration will provide climate change data to UK land and property market sectors – SatNews

Seen by satellite has partnered with Landmarks Information Group to provide vital climate data to the real estate market.

Satellite Vu will supply data from its thermal and infrared satellites to Landmark, a leading data provider to the UK land and property industry, for distribution to businesses as part of the global push towards Net Zero (all gas emissions at greenhouse effect released is offset by an equal amount being extracted from the atmosphere.).

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeThe IPCC (IPCC) report reaffirmed the global goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and reaching Net Zero by 2050, serving as a call to action for governments and companies around the world.

The collaboration between Satellite Vu and Landmark will see the joint development of geospatial information products for the UK property market that relate to the thermal efficiency of buildings monitored by Satellite Vu’s thermal infrared satellites and aerial imagery. This data will be distributed across Landmark’s network of customers to test, validate and market geospatial information products.

The company also recently announced a launch deal with SpaceXwhich will see the first of the Satellite Vu constellation of heat-sensing satellites launched into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket in early 2023.

Anthony Baker, CEO of Satellite Vu, said:The urgency to act to reduce global carbon emissions is increasing every day, as the IPCC points out, and companies must therefore use all the resources at their disposal. We are delighted to have officially signed an agreement with Landmark to bring data from our thermal monitoring satellites to the real estate industry. The information provided by our satellites will allow investors, real estate developers and building owners to receive a regular assessment of the energy efficiency of their buildings, allowing them to measure, validate and improve energy efficiency. Armed with this capability, companies can take concrete, independently verifiable steps to align their business with national and international energy goals..”

Simon BrownCEO of Landmark Information Group, said:Climate risks and environmental factors play an increasingly important role in future planning, purchasing and lending decisions. It is critical that as an industry we take steps to understand these risks, not only to future-proof the housing market, but also to ensure that we are all contributing to achieving Net Zero. Satellite Vu’s technology, combined with our property data and risk modeling expertise, will enable us to provide the industry with a more informed view of future risks to the UK property portfolio. These more accurate datasets will guide companies in their real estate investment decisions, mitigate risk and ultimately support our environmental ambitions..”

Satellite Vu was founded to bring satellite technology to meet our global challenges. Satellite Vu will be able to monitor the temperature of any building on the planet in near real time using a new mid-wave infrared camera. These images provide valuable information on economic activity, energy efficiency and disaster response. Satellite Vu will effectively be the Earth’s thermometer from space. Satellite Vu has raised a combined total of £20m through grants and venture capital led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust, including Lockheed Martin, Molten and A/O PropTech. In partnership with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. to build the constellation of satellites, and with SpaceX for the launch of the first satellite in early 2023, Satellite Vu brings the highest resolution thermal data to allow the world to be seen like never before.

Teresa H. Sadler