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Earlier this week I reprinted a column written by Victor Davis Hansen on the economy. Since then, my favorite columnist, who, according to a friend, “is an oasis in the desert of common sense”, has just confused the country’s climate czar. John Kerry exemplifies everything that is wrong with America.

He recently complained that Russia’s attack on Ukraine could have a “detrimental impact” on his relationship with Russian thug Vladimir Putin in the global effort to fight global warming. Putin massacres thousands of people with his missiles and Kerry worries about alliances with Global Warning?

Be advised; these guys walk among us and Mr.

Hanson, in a column published in The Epoch Times on March 14, slams preachy Kerry right into the kiss:

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By Victor Davis Hansen

Thousands of people are dying from Russian missiles and bombs in Ukrainian suburbs.

In response, the Biden administration’s climate change envoy, multimillionaire and private jet owner John Kerry, laments that Russian President Vladimir Putin may no longer remain his partner in reducing global warming.

“You’re going to lose people’s concentration,” worries Kerry. “You’re going to lose the attention of big countries because they’ll be hijacked, and I think that could have a detrimental impact.”


Did global moralist Kerry mean by “impact” the more than 650 Russian missiles that hit Ukrainian buildings and tore children apart?

Are Russian soldiers losing their green focus? When Putin threatens nuclear war, is he simply “hijacked”? Would letting a few nuclear bombs explode be “detrimental” to the human environment?

Climate change moralists love humanity so much in the abstract that they must practically shut down its life-giving gas, coal and oil. And they value humans so little that they don’t worry here and now that fuel shortages and the resulting exorbitant costs will cause wars, spike inflation, and threaten people’s ability to travel or to warm up.

The Biden administration has shut down all gas and oil production in the ANWR region of Alaska. He ended all new federal leases for drilling. It cancels major new pipelines. It takes advantage of loan agencies not to fund oil and gas drilling.

This helped force the cancellation of the EastMed gas pipeline which would have brought much needed natural gas to southern Europe. And in just one year, he managed to turn the largest oil and gas producer in the history of the world into a pathetic global beggar of fossil fuels.

Now gas is heading for well over $5 a gallon. In over-regulated blue states, it will likely hit $7.

The result is leftist terror, and voters in the upcoming midterm elections could rightly blame Democrats for crippling America’s ability to travel, stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. and to buy food at an affordable price.

But how will the Biden administration square the circle of its own ideological war on oil and natural gas versus giving the advantage to our oil and gas producing enemies as Russia invades the Ukraine?

Or in other words, when selfish theory hits mortal reality, who loses? Answer: the American people.

President Joe Biden has lifted US sanctions on the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline designed to supply green Germany with loathsome, but life-saving natural gas.

But Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline in the United States first. He has no problem with pipelines as such, only with American pipelines.

While Biden doesn’t like the idea of ​​Germany burning carbon, or Putin making huge profits from Berlin’s self-created dependency, or the Germans importing liquefied natural gas from America, Biden doesn’t I also don’t like the idea of ​​forcing German families to turn off their thermostats in the middle of winter when there’s a Russian-fueled war not far from Germany’s borders.

Here at home, Biden is getting even crazier. While our enemies around the world reap huge profits from record oil and gas prices, has Biden asked Alaska, North Dakota or Texas to increase production?

In other words, did he ask the Americans to save other cash-strapped Americans from a self-created energy crisis, the way he assured the Germans that during the war, reality prevailed over theory?

Not at all.

Instead, Biden has come up with the craziest idea in recent diplomatic history to beg autocratic and hostile regimes around the world to pump more oil to drive down US gas prices.

For years, America has sanctioned Venezuela’s oil-rich dictatorship, a narco-terrorist state that wages war on its own people and neighbors. Now Biden is begging Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s strongman to pump the supposedly dirty fuels that America has in even greater abundance but finds them too difficult to produce.

Biden also implored Iran’s once-sanctioned terrorist government. He wants Tehran to help us by increasing oil and gas production that the United States has been trying to cut for years. In return, Iran demands a new “Iran Deal” that will soon guarantee the now oil-rich theocracy the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

On the eve of the Russian invasion, Biden pleaded with Putin to pump in even more oil to supplement his current Russian imports into the United States.

Did Putin see this surreal demand as another sign of American appeasement that could greenlight his next planned invasion? In Russian eyes, was this further proof of American weakness and folly after the humiliating flight from Afghanistan?

Biden blasted the human rights record of Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Now he’s begging the monarchy to pump more of his carbon-spitting oil to make up for what his administration has shut down at home. Is it for this reason that the Saudi royal family refused to answer his call?

The moral of Biden’s oil madness?

Elite ideology decoupled from reality impoverishes people and can get them killed.

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I agree 100%.

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Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative commentator, classicist, and military historian. He is Emeritus Professor of Classics at California State University, Senior Fellow in Classics and Military History at Stanford University, Fellow of Hillsdale College, and Distinguished Fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Hanson has written 16 books.

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