Roadshow to raise young people’s awareness of climate issues

Staff reporter

To educate young people on environmental and climate change issues, UN Bhutan is organizing the UN50 Change-markers tour at Punakha Natural Resources College which starts today.

The roadshow also aims to educate young people on how their voice can be amplified by encouraging them to become markers of environmental change.

A total of 35 students from the Environment and Climate Studies department will take part in the roadshow.

According to a press release from UN Bhutan, the tour will include presentations on fundamental understanding of climate change, practical group work on discussing climate issues and ideas.

“At the end of the three-day tour, students will present ideas for projects they would like to undertake that are environmentally friendly and create a safer and more sustainable environment,” the press release adds.

The roadshow was designed by UN Bhutan in collaboration with Global Shapers Thimphu Hub, a group of young leaders who engage with the community for meaningful positive change.

UN Resident Coordinator in Bhutan, Gerald Daly, said there was a wave of optimism through the Change-makers Roadshow.

“We want the youth of Bhutan to have the opportunity to play the role they have to play in a modern world in which we live, and especially in the world that we are trying to build. We are here to listen,” he said.

The roadshow is part of year-long activities to commemorate Bhutan’s 50th anniversary as a UN member state.

Edited by Tshering Palden

Teresa H. Sadler