Riders Republic events set to feature climate issues

Ubisoft has made it clear that it will include real-world weather issues in the upcoming skull bones and the future Republic of Horsemen events to make more people aware of the issues encountered while playing the two games.

The Republic of Horsemen the event will raise issues surrounding devastating wildfires and incorporate them later this year or early next year. skull bones was supposed to be released next year, but there was recently some hope of a possible fall release, so you can expect the events to be included around the same time.

What are the details surrounding Riders Republic events?

The Republic of Horsemen the events will be “short and intense,” according to Ubisoft, and it will be a live event where players around the world will have to team up to douse thousands of redwoods from burning. Interestingly, participating players will not be notified of forest fires; they will be thrown into the deep end without warning to try and emulate what it would be like in real life as best they can.

In this offroad racing game, players will have to try to locate the most risky areas of Sequoia National Park while trying to participate in activities with other members of the community. Orange skies will illuminate the game and smoke will shroud every inch of the map, making certain parts inaccessible.

The Skulls and bones the event will attempt to focus on something more relevant. The event will focus on issues relating to overfishing. A Ubisoft spokesperson commented on the decision saying:

“Our first activation will focus on resource harvesting, showing what happens in the game world and in the real world when the demand for shark fins leads to shark overfishing.”

They went on to say,

“Players will have the choice to help protect marine wildlife and understand the destructive nature of the shark fin trade. As players contribute to community challenges, rewards will be unlocked for all players based on the overall level of participation.

Include these climate issues in skull bones and the Republic of Horsemen events is a really positive step by Ubisoft because there really can never be enough awareness for all of these issues.

Teresa H. Sadler