Readers respond: Schrader a leader on climate issues

In response to March 22 letter “McLeod-Skinner is a better choice”: Kurt Schrader took leadership on greenhouse gas reduction and co-sponsored “neutral technology” clean energy bill in Congress. Kurt is a veterinarian as well as the holder of Oregon’s 5th congressional district, which stretches from South Portland along the Willamette River to Bend and Sisters. His family farm is located in Canby, in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Like small family farmers across the country, families living on farms want to reduce the impacts of climate change, maintain clean water, prevent pollution and carefully limit pesticide toxicity. Kurt voted to cut red tape from redundant permit requirements on family farms. The Clean Water Act is strengthened, not weakened, by such actions.

We need a strong clean energy policy that takes us to 80% carbon-free energy production by mid-century, in a realistic and planned way. And we must protect our natural resources while not only relieving family farmers of bureaucracy, but also actively banning toxic pesticides that are unnecessary and have potentially serious health and environmental impacts. Kurt is still working for healthy families, reducing climate change and creating clean energy jobs. He has a proven track record of sponsoring laws that help communities and rural areas based on first-hand knowledge, not rhetoric.

Craig Stephens, Lake Oswego

Teresa H. Sadler