Preston Lodge students help tackle climate issues

AROUND 85 students from Preston Lodge Secondary School have partnered with social enterprise group Fuel Change to create bespoke solutions to today’s climate issues.

Fuel Change, launched in 2020, is a social enterprise focused on creating a carbon-neutral future for the next generation, designed by the next generation, through skills development.

The Fuel Change team visited Preston Lodge during their induction week for pupils moving into S6 next month.

Fuel Change challenged students to develop and showcase green solutions to common sustainability challenges, such as fast fashion and car use.

Group activities encouraged students to apply creative solutions to these real-life challenges – increasing their skills and knowledge of sustainability concepts such as the circular economy and behavior change at the same time.

The Super Sprint Challenge is part of Fuel Change’s Challenge program.

The program for schools aims to integrate climate education into the basic learning curriculum and to develop students’ skills and behaviors for a sustainable future.

From its base in Falkirk, Fuel Change aims to roll out the Challenge program to all schools and colleges in Scotland.

Anna Bell, Program Coordinator at Fuel Change, said: “Preston Lodge is a pioneer in climate education and action, and Fuel Change is delighted to have had a very positive and proactive relationship with the school over the past year to engage and empower students on these vital topics.

“All of the students got stuck in the Super Sprint Challenge and created incredible solutions and ideas to real life sustainability issues.

“It was fantastic to work with this exemplary group of students and Fuel Change looks forward to continuing this relationship with Preston Lodge in the future.”

Gavin Clark, Principal of Preston Lodge Secondary School, said: “The Super Sprint Challenge was a key part of our S6 induction program this year.

“It gave our new S6 the chance to get to know itself while addressing some really important, challenging and important issues.

“The material was excellent and the whole event had a lively and helpful atmosphere, which was perfect for what we needed.

“We have been delighted to work with Fuel Change to bring this important program to Preston Lodge, and we look forward to more of our students participating in the School Challenge program in the years to come.”

In addition to school and college programmes, Fuel Change aims to engage the next generation of Scottish employees through the Tailored Workplace Challenge programme, which encourages young participants working in Scottish companies to develop innovative solutions but practical to some of the world’s most pressing problems. .

Teresa H. Sadler