Pitmaster focuses on climate change mitigation initiatives – Manila Bulletin

Responding to President Marcos’ call for climate change initiatives, the Pitmasters Foundation began engaging in environmental conservation efforts across the country.

Atti. Caroline Cruz

Attorney Caroline Cruz, executive director of the foundation, said that while most countries try to transition to the use of green technologies, Pitmaster supports these initiatives while stressing that their relief operations will continue and coincide with its environmental efforts.

The foundation engaged in relief operations in areas affected by the typhoon and in Covid-19 relief efforts, in addition to providing dialysis assistance to those suffering from kidney disease.

In line with its climate change initiatives, the foundation sponsored a policy forum on climate disasters and emergencies, titled “Policy Roadmap 2023-2028: Charting the Urgency of the PBBM Climate Agenda and the Philippines’ contribution to achieving the global goal of Net Zero 2030 and 2050″. Targets”, where actors from various sectors were invited to talk about climate emergency measures.

“We are here to support the call of the government on the issue of climate change,” Cruz said at a forum organized by the foundation to address climate-related issues on September 29.

Cruz also said the foundation wants solutions that focus on environmental conservation.

“We want solutions that will both create growth and solve our climate problems. We are proud to have been committed to environmental conservation since the beginning of our founding as a non-profit organization,” she added.

Some of the agencies that participated in the event were Ministry of Finance, Commission on Climate Change, Local Climate Change Adaptation for Development, National Economic Development Authority, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Interior and Local Government, among others.

The foundation initially partnered with DENR for tree planting activities in Laguna, where more than 6,000 seedlings will be planted on 250 hectares of land.

To date, the foundation has helped the University of the Philippines Institute of Resilience, the 4K Foundation and Komumidad plant 7,225 trees.

Pitmaster also works with UP Los Baños for the planting of endangered species.

It is also open to partnerships with non-governmental entities, universities, student organizations, and government agencies for reforestation projects to ensure ecological benefits for Filipinos now and in the future.

The initiative of the foundation supports the decision of President Marcos to fight against climate change in the country, which suffers more than it should in terms of carbon emissions.

The Philippines ranks among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, even though it contributes a tiny percentage of total global carbon emissions.



Teresa H. Sadler