Montgomery County continues to tackle climate issues | WDVM25 and DCW50

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md (WDVM) – The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection continues to plan and meet its 2035 greenhouse gas reduction goal.

To help achieve this goal, the ministry is committed to five workshops each designated to address pressing environmental concerns. On Thursday evening, residents, scholars and experts working with one of the five task forces came together to discuss ways the county can adapt to climate change and help reduce disaster risk from the conditions. meteorological.

Environment officials say they are past the point of being able to prevent all impacts of climate change and that while the county will see the impacts in the years to come, residents can still do their best to protect themselves. adapt to it.

“So we know we’re going to see more severe storms, more temperature increases, things of that nature and so we need to be able to adapt as a county to those new realities,” Dr Earl said. Stoddard, one of the climate officials. Action planning facilitators.

The goal of each working group is to finalize a climate action plan by December 2020 that will provide a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas admissions and provide recommendations for adapting to climate change.

Teresa H. Sadler