Maryland today | 7 ways to make a difference on climate change

100-year floods occurring every few years. Record heat waves jostle roads and wither crops. Prolonged drought causing frequent forest fires.

It is not hard to find dramatic examples of weather-induced disasters made worse by climate change these days. It is also too easy to feel defeated by the magnitude of the problem.

The University of Maryland’s first book of 2022-23, “All We Can Save: Truth, Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis,” offers hope and a sense of urgency as an antidote. The collection of women’s poetry, essays and art inspired last night’s College Park Scholars event, “All We Can Save—in Maryland,” featuring a panel of city, county, and Prince George and the State to talk about how they are taking action on climate change and how students can get involved.

“One of the things I really appreciate about this book is that it tackles one of these huge, seemingly impossible problems and offers an action-oriented and solution-oriented approach,” said Marilee Lindemann, Executive Director of Scholars. “I hope this conversation sparks more conversations about little things that we can each do individually.”

Moderated by Tim Knight, director of the Scholars’ Environment, Technology and Economy program, the panel offered concrete ideas for students who want to join the fight against climate change:

    Teresa H. Sadler