Jane Fonda wants Biden to ‘get better’ on climate issues if he runs in 2024

Jane Fonda says if Biden runs again in 2024, he will have to “get better” on the issue of climate change and take the issue seriously. Fonda is a longtime environmental activist and uses her platform to fight climate change. She has participated in numerous climate protests and even paid for student courses on climate change to promote education on the subject.

Source: WUSA9/Youtube

In an interview with The Washington Postshe said she was “sickened” that Biden issued more oil and gas drilling permits on public lands than former President Trump did during his tenure.

“He promised during his campaign that he would not allow any more drilling and fracking on public lands. So it’s very, very disappointing.

“There are so many issues ahead of us right now, obviously. And I care about all of them, including the right to safe and legal abortion and gun safety. But above all – it’s not called the existential threat for nothing – there is the climate crisis. If we can’t do something about it, everything else is going to be very, very difficult,” Fonda said.

“We have less than eight years to halve our carbon emissions, according to climate scientists. That’s only four election cycles. So this moment calls for agile and aggressive action, and we are ready to deliver it.

Fonda says she thinks Biden can be compelled to do the right thing. She noted the importance of the upcoming mid-term elections in November.

“And we have to make it very clear to Biden that if he’s going to run again, he’s got to get better on the climate.”

Recently, Fonda launched a committee to defeat politicians involved in the fossil fuel industry that is warming the planet. It’s always amazing when celebrities with a big platform use their influence for good. More than ever, we must fight against climate change.

Sign this petition to demand an end to fossil fuel lobbyists!

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