God will not spare M’sia from global warming

YOUR SAYS | “The floods are going from bad to worse.”

TNB cuts power as flash floods hit Klang Valley

OCT: No minister was there when flash floods hit the Klang Valley on Monday. All went to Johor to campaign. It seems that winning the Johor election is more important than dealing with the rakyat.

The government said the floods were due to heavy rain exceeding normal rainfall. The government never plans ahead even though it knows the problem. The last flood was less than three months ago and the reason given was the same.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob is distraught, helpless and incompetent. All he cares about is winning elections and staying in power.

It is very shameful that Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, can be flooded so easily and so frequently.

While the rakyat suffer, government officials hold a gala in Johor oblivious to the floods in KL.

Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man offered no response to the flooding except to say the government was not to blame.

Knucklehead: Where is Tuan Ibrahim? He asserted that global warming and its effects do not apply in our country.

What does the government do? Build another billion dollar tunnel? Is the existing smart tunnel working or not?

Maya: Nothing will happen, at least in the near future. The floods go from bad to worse and become more and more frequent.

Overdevelopment is one of the contributing factors, but will it stop?

With overdevelopment and no attention paid to the environment, a major catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes.

Even if we are willing to hire experienced consultants, there may not be much we can do because the problem has simply overflowed.

Any effective measure will only be short-term because it is simply too late and will cost a bomb, especially at a time like this.

Finally, a government and an administrative branch that has no idea what is going on has brought us to this point.

Simply put, they failed to redress the situation in the federal capital, what more can we say for the rest of the country.

BrownLion2645: Do not be surprised that very soon the Prime Minister or the Minister of Federal Lands will announce the formation of a high-level committee to find solutions to the flooding problems in the Klang Valley.

This is to appease the angry rakyat who had to bear the brunt of the floods. Then there will be further announcements of various proposals arising from the meetings.

Soon the weather improves and all promises and plans are forgotten until the next flood. Of course, some small work would be done to show that actions have been taken, but these are window dressing.

Thus, it seems that the people of the Klang Valley have to live with the floods.

Recover Malaysia: When we went through one of our worst floods a few months ago, why didn’t the government quickly come forward with plans to avert such a calamity again?

As the flooding subsided, no news was heard of ongoing mitigation plans. How many times will this current government have to continue to fail the rakyat?

PM, please rest assured. Don’t waste your time on your slogan Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia. There are so many critical issues to be resolved in this country, and yet it’s still “No Action Talk Only” (NATO).

The rakyat need strong leadership. We are fed up with your weak leadership. If you cannot cheer up, please entrust your work to someone more qualified.

The rakyat didn’t choose you to be its prime minister. You have a golden chance. Please use this chance to prove yourself worthy of being our leader.

WhiteMoose0037: Ismail, it is time to wake up and appoint a qualified and capable environment minister.

You named a bum from PAS who has no idea about climate change and what the government should be doing and preparing for.

Traveloka Winner: At this hour, I urge people to stay calm and follow the instructions of PAS, also known as “healthy paling ada”, which is to pray for guidance from God.

Also, I hope no one blames the floods on climate change; as our environment minister rightly points out, climate change does not affect Malaysia.

We have been flooded for as long as the country has existed, so with or without climate change, the flood always comes when it wants.

Doctor Spin: Long-term solutions to flooding caused by heavy rains are needed. However, the indifferent attitudes of people and companies must also change.

Yesterday I observed a discarded couch and other trash blocking a storm sewer in front of facilities operated by two prominent companies.

Clogged drains should be reported and irresponsibly discarded waste should be removed. Environmental policies must be implemented, even outside the property fence.

Returning child: It’s been 64 years since our Merdeka, and yet it still happens every year. Do we need so many years to solve such a fundamental problem?

Or is it a case where the whole world knows the problem but no one knows the solution?

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Teresa H. Sadler