Global Warming Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS: GWSO) goes further as Co prepares to unveil its new state-of-the-art sodium battery

Global Warming Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS: GWSO) continues to surge in the charts breaking through the $8 resistance and en route to 52-week highs of $11.73. The stock has almost tripled since we first reported on it in July, as the company prepares to unveil its new state-of-the-art sodium battery and embarks on a new marketing campaign to coincide with the unveiling. @FloydMayweather, who has 28 million Instagram followers, posted a video on GWSO which we’ve linked below.

Recently, GWSO announced that in light of the seemingly constant short selling of the company’s stock, the company has taken and intends to take certain actions in an effort to protect the interests of our shareholders. The Company will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. The Company will also contact the market makers of the Company’s shares and request each of them to review their listing and trading activity in GWSO to determine whether they have engaged in “good market making”. faith “. Additionally, the company wishes to inform its shareholders that it is in talks with several investment banks regarding sponsorship of the company for listing on the Nasdaq as well as capital raises at higher valuations.

Solutions to global warming Inc. (OTCMKTS: GWSO) is an Oklahoma corporation headquartered in Temecula, California. which develops technologies to help mitigate climate change. The company was formerly known as Southern Investments, Inc. and was domiciled in Oklahoma. On April 15, 2007, the company changed its name to Global Warming Solutions, Inc. and moved its headquarters to the Commonwealth of Canada. In February 2021 we moved to Temecula, CA.

GWSO accelerated progress on its cutting-edge sodium battery after partner AQST signed an agreement with Creative Engineers. Following GWSO’s May 2022 partnership with AQST, a leader in aviation, aerospace and design implementation, strategically located inside NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center, the two companies worked together to finalize the development design and prototype of the sodium battery. Now, Creative Engineers will join the duo as consultants, leveraging their innovative engineering experience capabilities to design, build and pilot systems. Creative Engineers’ expertise in alkali metals such as sodium potassium (NaK) provides significant advantages in engineering processes for handling, transporting and reacting the liquid metal sodium potassium. Together, the three companies aim to increase the efficiency, safety and quality of the next sodium battery.

For this first phase, the GWSO-AQST team worked together, allocating the best resources and technologies to complete this phase in a very short time. The technical team included scientists, engineers and recognized professionals with more than 30 years of experience. The leadership of the technical team consists of Ph.D. in chemistry Artem Madatov. The inventor and specialist in the development of electrochemical systems with more than 35 years of experience. Anatoly Ghavrish is a senior engineer and designer with 35 years of experience in mechanical engineering, specializing in dynamics and force devices in machinery and equipment. Joel Smith is an MBA specializing in advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, and post-processing for the aerospace and defense industry. And Ramon Caldas, an MBA and physicist with 28 years of experience in power systems, renewables and utilities as chief technology officer.

And using advanced 3D printing technology capable of manufacturing the prototypes and every internal component included in the BOM to validate manufacturability and dimensions and provide an authentic look of the equipment before moving to the manufacturing phase.

We have officially completed the first phase of our design process with AQST! It’s inspiring to be surrounded by such talented scientists and physicists. This team is made up of some of the most experienced professionals in their respective fields, and this fact keeps things moving at a rapid pace. This technology couldn’t come at a better time, and I’m confident we’ll exceed all expectations. We’re revolutionizing the battery industry, and our technology couldn’t be better off with current shortages, to the benefit of our company and our loyal shareholders; but more importantly, our planet. We are on the right path ! said Michael Pollastro.

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On August 16, TONR announced that it was preparing to launch a new marketing campaign to increase company awareness. GWSO plans to unveil its innovative sodium battery next month. As part of a visibility campaign, the company will organize the necessary events for existing shareholders and potential new partners.

Michael Pollastro, President of Global Warming, said, “Our innovative American-made sodium battery is expected to be completed in September. Our job now is to raise awareness and ensure that our sodium battery is a household name when electric vehicle batteries are talked about. Sodium-ion batteries are safer than lithium-ion batteries because they are non-flammable and less sensitive to temperature changes. To increase our visibility, we plan to organize press conferences, webinars and round tables presenting our finished product. Not only do we want to showcase our success story to shareholders, but we also want to demonstrate the industry-leading potential of our technology to potential automotive manufacturing partners. We want to highlight the benefits that the switch to sodium batteries will have not only for car manufacturers but also for the environment. I am delighted with this great day for our loyal shareholders”.

“Sodium is the most abundant substance in the ocean, after water. Therefore, a sodium-based battery for an electric vehicle will be 10 to 20 times cheaper than a lithium-ion battery. Laboratory samples from sodium batteries late last year showed that the specific energy content of a sodium battery is several times higher than that of the best battery samples on the market. We are now striving to make the sodium battery easy to manufacture, use and maintain. After extensive testing on a full-scale sample of our sodium battery, we will be able to develop a range of batteries for various applications to meet the expectations of a wide variety of customers. said Artem Madatov, scientific director of the project.

“At AQST, when we consider a new project or program for our clients or ours, we study and analyze them in depth. And when you decide to go ahead with a project, it’s because you trust and believe in the project. For this new development of a Hybrid Electrochemical System (HES), better known as GWSO Hydrogen/Battery, we are confident in our ability and the ability of the GWSO team to build advanced, transformative and game-changing technology that will transform people’s life. . And we are working tirelessly and focused to make it a fully functional prototype and a reality in the weeks to come,” said Raymond Caldas, CEO of AQST LLC.

In other news, GWSO, in a unique position, is looking to benefit from the new Inflation Reduction Act. Under the new law, a tax credit of up to $7,500 could be used to defray the cost of an electric vehicle. While most auto industry participants will not qualify for the tax credit, GWSO has the advantage. The bill requires an electric vehicle to contain a battery made in North America and use minerals mined or recycled on the continent.

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Daily microcap first reported on GWSO in July, when the stock was just $3 per share. See here. Currently trading at a market valuation of $134 million GWSO holds 17,226,250 shares exceptional and 6,084,976 shares in the free float. The stock continues to soar on the charts, breaking through the $8 resistance and heading for 52-week highs of $11.73. The stock has almost tripled since we first reported on it in July, as the company prepares to unveil its new state-of-the-art sodium battery and embarks on a new marketing campaign to coincide with the unveiling. @FloydMayweather, who has 28 million Instagram followers, posted a video on GWSO which we linked above the chart. Daily microcap will be covering GWSO so be sure to subscribe to Daily microcap.

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