Global warming-Nadeen Al-azzawi-Turing House School

Global warming has been a big concern for many citizens around the world today; higher temperatures over time alter weather patterns, posing a risk to humans and all other life on earth.

We should act on this problem because the land is going from bad to worse and it has seriously caused many droughts in parts of Asia and Africa. With particular temperature changes varying with the seasons, such as winter, etc. Also, as a UK citizen, I have seen sea levels rise dramatically by an interesting 16cm, which means extreme heat events are becoming more frequent. We must reduce the impact of the carbon footprint by stopping CO2-producing cars and starting to create safer and more accessible transport vehicles.

The famous quote “School Strike for Climate” justifies the seriousness of this problem for everyone and the pressure needed to meet carbon emissions targets. It teaches children throughout school to pay attention to the climate and the environmental impacts that come with it.

On the other hand, people can say that global warming is good for the world because it has caused fewer deaths in winter, reduced energy costs in some countries and given better agricultural yields to farmers who want to trade or sell food products. Overall, citizens say that even though the carbon footprint comes from the burning of fossil fuels and other fumes, it is still only 0.04% of the atmosphere, which means that the arguments for and against this cause have a point to defend their statement.

Teresa H. Sadler