G20 momentum to discuss climate issues in depth: expert

Purwokerto (ANTARA) – The G20 forum is the right platform to comprehensively discuss the issue of climate change, given its wide and massive impact on the quality of human life, said an expert in hydrology and in water resources.

“The issue of climate change needs to be thoroughly discussed through a number of discussions at the G20 forum, as the impact of the issue is very broad, including economic impact and impact on quality of life. human,” Yanto, Ph.D., of Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) Purwokerto University, said here Monday.

The G20 presidency has provided Indonesia with the right opportunity to encourage an in-depth discussion on climate change and assess the climate change mitigation actions that have been taken so far, the professor added to the Department. of Civil Engineering from the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

The G20 forum, he said, has two components. The finance stream focuses on financial issues and the sherpa stream focuses on other broader issues, he noted.

“I think the issue of climate change can be discussed in depth, both through financial discussions and Sherpas, since the management of climate change problems must also be supported by financing,” he said. -he declares.

An in-depth discussion on the climate at the forum is crucial because its impact on the financial sector is very significant, Yanto explained.

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Indonesia’s G20 presidency would be maximized if it was used to encourage in-depth dialogue on issues such as floods, droughts and other climatic disasters, he said.

“The issue of extreme climate change and its impacts such as floods, droughts and other disasters should be discussed in the Sherpa Track forum to balance climate change actions among G20 participating countries,” said- he declared.

Indonesia assumes the presidency of the G20 for the first time. He assumed the presidency on December 1, 2021 and will hand it over at the summit later this year.

So, for one year, Indonesia will lead the international forum which is an important part of the global community. Indonesia’s chairmanship of the forum is an honor as well as a historic event for the whole nation, officials said.

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Teresa H. Sadler