Five countries have cost the world $6 trillion in global warming losses » Yale Climate Connections

Climate change is a global problem. So when one country produces carbon pollution, it also causes warming in other countries. This can lead to economic losses, for example by making it more difficult to grow crops.

Christopher Callahan holds a Ph.D. student in the Modeling and Climate Impacts group at Dartmouth College. His team analyzed the contribution of each country to global warming and the effects of this warming on other countries and their economies.

“We have found that individual major issuers have caused substantial economic change across the world,” he says.

According the studywarming caused by just five countries – the United States, China, Russia, Brazil and India – has caused $6 trillion in global economic losses.

And these losses were not suffered in the same way. The burden fell disproportionately on low-income countries that contributed least to the problem.

Callahan says the study could be used to help hold heavily polluting nations to account.

“Our work really lends added urgency to what we all know is already needed, which is substantial near-term action to reduce our emissions, to meet the commitments that the United States and other countries have made on the scene. internationally,” he said.

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Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media

Teresa H. Sadler