Exxon to face charges after lying about global warming

Finally some justice! ExxonMobil was ordered to face charges after the company lied about global warming.

Source: The Ring of Fire/Youtube

The Massachusetts high court has ruled that the largest oil company in the United States, ExxonMobil, will finally have to face the music. ExxonMobil will be tried for lying about climate change and even covering up the fossil fuel industry’s role in the climate crisis.

The Guardian reported that Exxon believes the case is “politically motivated” and an attempt to prevent the company from exercising its free speech rights. However, the state Supreme Judicial Court voted unanimously against these claims.

The lawsuit claims Exxon is in flagrant violation of violating state consumer protection laws with a decades-long cover-up despite knowing full well the impact of burning fossil fuels on the environment . They also accuse Exxon of misleading investors about the risks the company posed to global warming.

Source: Our Changing Climate/Youtube

Exxon claimed the case brought by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey was politically motivated and amounted to an attempt to block the company from exercising its free speech rights. But the state’s supreme judicial court unanimously dismissed the complaint in the latest blow to the oil industry’s attempts to head off a wave of lawsuits across the country for its part in global warming.

The time has finally come, and big oil is down. A new PBS documentary series reveals how oil has lied to the public about climate change for years. It’s finally time to tear down the oil and gas industry; the template is in place. Our reliance on fossil fuels created the climate crisis, and now it threatens our forests too. These companies were exposed for lying, buying ads on Google,

While we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must also remember another major industry that harms the environment; the meat and dairy industry. One study even found that meat and dairy companies are responsible for more environmental damage than fossil fuels. The public has had enough. Protesters in the UK are blocking oil terminals despite hundreds of arrests, and celebrities like Jane Fonda have launched committees to fight political candidates funded by the fossil fuel industry. Sign this petition demand that the United States and the European Union invest massively in wind and solar power to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels!

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