Evidence already presented regarding facts related to climate change

Regarding Monte Heil’s letter of July 26, 2022, he does not have to search through the thousands of scientific articles on climate change listed on skepticalscience.com to determine the names of those who belong to the scientific consensus. He doesn’t even need to read the titles. He only has to note the authors. Almost all of them (at least 97%) will have written articles in agreement with the observation that anthropogenic warming is a reality. I have provided many references to support the existence of this consensus. While demanding more “evidence”, it continues to ignore the evidence already presented.

Unprecedented heat waves recently killed some 2,000 people in Spain and Portugal. Hundreds of people died last year during the Pacific Northwest’s record-breaking heat wave. Fires are raging around the world in drought-stricken ecosystems. Lake Mead is the lowest since it was first filled in 1937. Utah’s Great Salt Lake is drying up. St. Louis and Kentucky experienced millennial floods in the same week. These are just a few recent examples of the adverse effects of anthropogenic warming. Yet Mr Heil calls those who voice concerns about them “buffoons”, “fanatics” and members of a “climate crisis cult”. How bad do things have to get before he admits the worry is warranted?

Jack Debaun


Teresa H. Sadler