Democratic lawmaker calls for decisive action from India and China on climate change

A powerful lawmaker from the ruling Democratic Party called on India and China on Tuesday for decisive action to address the challenges posed by climate change.

“I think what’s clear is that for us to address the climate crisis comprehensively and with today’s fierce urgency, that’s going to involve decisive action from the United States, decisive action from China, decisive action by India; I believe the three biggest contributors to carbon pollution across the world,” Congressman Hakeem Jeffries told reporters at the US Capitol.

Responding to a question about climate change and China at a Democratic Party press conference in the US Congress, Jeffries also called for decisive action by the United States and the European Union.

“And of course, decisive action by the European Union collectively, plus Britain. And so I think that’s the right approach because you can’t just solve the problem with just the United States acting alone. And a big part of the challenge is China and India, and the European Union in partnership with Britain,” he said.

Representing New York’s 8th congressional district, Jeffries said it was the right approach.

“It is rooted in factual realities on the ground and in the air and in the ground and in the water around the world. And I think that’s the broad approach that we will pursue under the leadership of President (Joe) Biden,” he said.

Congressman Jeffries has been chairman of the House Democratic Caucus since 2019.

Teresa H. Sadler