COP Cymru: finding practical solutions to Wales’ climate problems

COP Cymru: finding practical solutions to Wales’ climate problems

Practical solutions are essential if we are to deal with the damage and loss caused by climate change – and this was the subject of the third COP26 Regional Roadshow.

Held at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire, the day explored how we can build resilient infrastructure and agriculture, and protect and restore habitats and communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Speakers highlighted future training and development needs, the importance of world-class research, and the critical role that hydrogen will play in decarbonization. The program has also considered climate change and its impacts on agriculture and food security regionally and nationally, which the National Botanic Garden of Wales is trying to address by hosting the National Seed Bank of Wales. Wales – a vital resource for conserving and ensuring genetic biodiversity.

The final session looked at how the impacts of flooding and coastal change could be mitigated. Speakers discussed the wide range of inspirational projects underway across Wales to protect our coastline, from the Newgale Coastal Adaptation Program and National Trust Cymru’s Shifting Shores policy to changes to manage the growing problems of blown sand on trails and roads.

With the COP26 Regional Roadshow now drawn to a close, the focus shifts to Wales Climate Week (22-26 November). The week will launch a national conversation on the Wales Net Zero Map and the collective action needed to ensure Wales achieves its goals. Open to all, the online sessions will help people understand what Wales has already achieved, what changes we can expect over the next five years and how together we can shape the future.

For more information or to register for Wales Climate Week Eventsvisit the COP Cymru event platform.

COP 26 – Regional Roadshow – Adaptation and Resilience – VOD from Fresh water to Vimeo.

Teresa H. Sadler