Con Brio interprets climate change through music

Flyer for the Con Brio concert “Climate Soundscapes: Music on the Science of Climate Change”

Tonight, the Con Brio Chamber Series presents “Climate Soundscapes – Music on the Science of Climate Change”. This unique program is the result of a partnership with the Juneau Composers Consortium and the University of Alaska, and based on science from the International Arctic Research Center. “Climate Soundscapes” will feature seven original compositions guided by the work of scientists specializing in atmospheric research, glaciology, species migration and change, oceanography and ocean warming.

Today, Juneau afternoon, we’ll hear more about this weekend’s concerts and how musicians and scientists hope they’ll help bridge the gaps and connect communities to provoke discussions and actions on climate change.

Fu Bao, artist and seller whose work will be available at the public market (photo courtesy of Fu Bao)

Our show today will also include a conversation with Fu Bao, one of many local vendors from this year whose work will go on sale next weekend at the annual public market. Tune in to learn more about Fu’s artwork that will be available for purchase on note cards, metal prints and calendars at his booth in Centennial Hall.

Also on the show, guests from the University of Alaska Southeast sit down with host Andy Kline to share details from the final lecture in the Evening at Egan series, which wraps up tonight, and Juneau Soccer Club will tell us about the upcoming Holiday Cup tournament.


  • Emily Wall, English teacher, UAS
  • Sally Schlichtingartistic director, Con Brio Concert Series
  • William Todd Hunyou, composer
  • Joanna Youngglaciologist, UAF International Arctic Research Center
  • Stacy DioufHoliday Cup Director, Juneau Soccer Club
  • Fu Baoartist, public market
  • Pierre Metcalfevent manager, public market

Teresa H. Sadler