Commission on climate change on trial

February 28, 2022: Today Wellington High Court begins to hear a groundbreaking case brought against the Climate Change Commission by Lawyers for Climate Action NZ Inc, who argue that the Commission’s advice to government is not consistent with the science of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Christine Rose, Greenpeace agricultural campaign manager, said: “There has long been a giant cow-shaped hole in the Ardern government’s climate policy, with little attempt to regulate New Zealand’s worst climate polluter. : intensive dairy products. The Climate Commission’s weak advice continues to give the dairy industry a free pass on climate pollution, when it clearly should be recommending bold agricultural policies.”

“The intensive dairy industry is to New Zealand what coal is to Australia, and accounts for half of our emissions. If this government is serious about tackling the climate crisis, it needs to tackle the climate crisis. “intensive dairy industry. This means reducing synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, reducing cow numbers and supporting farmers to move to more plant-based and regenerative organic farming.” Christine Rose said.

Greenpeace says the Climate Change Commission seems more interested in appeasing the dairy industry than doing what is necessary to avert the climate crisis. The court case comes the day before the IPCC publishes a report detailing the impacts of climate change.

“The government needs sound advice and pressure to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown – not the weak and unambitious advice provided by the Commission on Climate Change,” Rose said.

“This case shows the need for government to deliver real climate justice: to protect the world and the people we love from the impacts of climate breakdown.”

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A great darkness is descending on Ukraine, and it will last for decades. By launching a full-scale invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing what bullies regularly do. He defeats a smaller, weaker opponent while claiming he was provoked. He was pushed into it, he says, and is only acting to defend his own “security”. Yes indeed. The reality is that Russia is so weak that it could not even tolerate a flawed social democracy on its border. Thus, the Ukrainian people are crushed militarily and Ukraine will once again be governed – as it was before the 2014 uprising – by a puppet whose strings will be pulled by Moscow…

Teresa H. Sadler