Climate change and global warming are biggest challenge for farmers: Kerala agriculture minister

“Climate change and global warming are more threatening than war and it is the biggest challenge for farmers today,” said P Prasad, Minister of Agriculture of Kerala. “We should be more serious about climate change and the weather insurance introduced by the Spices Board for baby cardamom is an encouraging move to protect farmers from such a disaster.”

The minister also said, “Farmers should practice and adopt progressive farming methods like carbon neutral farming for food security in cultivation.”

He was speaking at the event organized by the Spice Council for the presentation of the “Small Cardamom Productivity Awards” for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21 and the distribution of a crop insurance policy based on the weather conditions to beneficiaries.

This is a new insurance scheme introduced by the Spice Board to protect the crop against weather-caused calamities for small cardamom growers. The function was also marked by the congratulations of Jomy Mathew, winner of the IPC award for the best Indian pepper producer for the year 2020.

Pricing issues

AG Thankappan, chairman of the Spices Board, expressed concern about prices and market fluctuations negatively affecting farmers. The Council has endeavored to support farmers in all possible ways, such as the new weather-based insurance scheme being piloted in Idukki for small cardamom.

“With the aim of making India a leading supplier of cardamom, Spices Board has implemented many programs such as production of planting material through certified nurseries in farmers’ fields, implementation of installation of irrigation facilities, the purchase and installation of dryers, washers, cardamom cleaners, etc.” he added.

Dr Sathiyan, Secretary of the Spice Board, said: “Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and changing weather conditions, cardamom growers have made remarkable progress in production and made a considerable contribution to the export of cardamom. ‘spices”.

The Spice Council hailed

Dean Kuriakose, Member of Parliament for Idukki Constituency and Member of the Spices Board, said, “Kerala has seen record production of cardamom and I commend the Spices Board for offering weather-based insurance for cardamom producers.

The Council established the Cardamom Productivity Awards to honor and encourage progressive cardamom farmers who have achieved high levels of productivity. The awards consisted of a first prize (₹1,00,000 and citation) and two second prizes (₹50,000 and citations), one of which is exclusively for a female farmer.

A special prize is also constituted for the highest productivity in the organic category. The event was organized as part of the Spices Board’s Coral Jubilee celebrations.

Published on

March 14, 2022

Teresa H. Sadler