Class IB TOK: The race to curb global warming

This teacher-selected article with suggested questions is part of the Financial Times Free Schools Access Program. Details/registration here. It is part of a special Climate Change Report for Schools.


IB DP TOK and AOK Themes Natural Sciences, Social science, knowledge and connoisseur, Technology

Relevant QB Values

Key terms and ideas Climate Skeptics, Scientifically Indefensible, Uncertainty

Investigate issues Climate crisis

Show prompt IAP-27 (bonds)

Click to read the article below and then answer the questions:

The race to stop global warming

  • How have climate skeptics tried to refute the idea that climate change is induced by human activity?

  • Why has this been generally dismissed by experts?

  • Why is there still uncertainty about the future trajectory of climate change – and why do you think this fuels skepticism about what the experts are saying?

  • Which aspect of global warming is easiest to predict?

  • Do you think individuals have a responsibility to be aware of climate change and help spread the message that we need to act?

  • Does the primary responsibility for raising awareness lie with governments and the scientific community?

Michael Dunn,

Teresa H. Sadler