China and America discuss climate issues on Twitter

Officials from China and the United States-2, countries emitting the most greenhouse gases, discussed this Wednesday (August 17, 2022) through their profiles on Twitter. Discussions between the US Ambassador in Beijing and the Chinese Foreign Ministry began last week, August 10.

M publication On August 10, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the United States “Take seriously their historical responsibilities and obligations” in relation to “climate change” I “Stop making excuses for your inaction”,

Reproduction/Twitter @MFA_China – August 10, 2022

In a response sent Sunday August 14, the American ambassador in Beijing Nicholas Burns, Told On a recent plan approved by the US Congress to invest in reducing the country’s emissions by 40% by 2030. “The biggest climate investment in our history”These.

The bill Burns is referring to was signed by US President Joe Biden on Tuesday, August 16. Is known Inflation Reduction Act, The package includes an investment of $370 million ($1.9 billion at current rates) in spending and tax relief to tackle climate change and encourage the use of renewable energy.

The legislation will invest the established amount in programs aimed at accelerating the transition to renewable energy and mitigating the effects of climate change. Biden said at the package signing ceremony “This project is the biggest step ever taken in climate change”,

It will allocate an additional $60 billion ($310.67 billion at the current rate) to environmental justice initiatives so that “Right the wrongs of the past and ensure all communities realize the benefits of a clean and green economy”,

Chinese spokesperson He has answered To Burns’ comment with a question: “That’s good to hear. But what matters: Will America be able to deliver on its promises?,

This Wednesday morning (August 17), Burns repeated it Tweeter and say: “You can bet that the United States will fulfill our commitments”He also said that the responsibility is shared with China, which “Represents 27% of global emissions”. “Why isn’t the PRC (People’s Republic of China) reviving our climate dialogue? We are ready”He concluded.

As of this writing, China has not commented on the US ambassador’s question.

Teresa H. Sadler