Cairo and Rome to cooperate on environmental and climate issues

Egyptian Environment Minister Dr. Yasmin Fouad spoke to Italian Ambassador to Cairo Michele Quaroni on Monday.

They discussed bilateral cooperation in the field of environment and Egypt’s preparations for holding the 27th session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh in November.

Fouad said Egypt aims to build on the results of the Glasgow Conference 2021 (COP26).

It aims to encourage countries to update their national contribution strategies, raise ambitions and collective action to accelerate the process of agreeing on the collective adaptation goal, which is a priority for developing countries. , as well as achieving a balance between adaptation and resilience, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

She highlighted future opportunities for cooperation between Egypt and Italy, especially in light of future world events in the field of environment and climate.

She said Cairo would dedicate several days during the conference to discuss specific topics related to the initiatives that will be launched, such as finance and adaptation, food security and water.

The issue of water has become crucial, given the pollution caused by plastic waste in the seas and oceans, in addition to the sustainable quality of life of water-dependent communities such as fishermen.

Fouad highlighted the possibility of cooperation with Italy in the ecosystem and biodiversity initiative, being one of the key partners in the field of bilateral cooperation for the conservation of biodiversity and nature reserves.

COP27 will also focus on the role of science and technology in combating the effects of climate change, involving numerous research institutions and establishing an innovation center in the green zone of the conference, in cooperation with the private sector.

Quaroni, for his part, welcomed Egypt’s interest in raising the issue of water management at the event, stressing his country’s interest in this regard.

He highlighted the scarcity of natural water resources, urging Italy to work on the concept of a renewable economy and the development of water management systems and technologies.

Teresa H. Sadler