Boulder invites residents to leave voicemails on climate change action ideas

In an effort to garner a diversity of perspectives, Boulder officials are looking for residents to respond to a prompt on climate change action. The city will use residents’ voices to create an audio collage.

According to a Boulder press release, the city’s climate initiatives department is asking residents of all ages to respond to the following prompt:

“It’s 2035 and our city is a world leader in the fight against climate change. We absorb more carbon than we produce and the nature around us is thriving.

“What has our community done to meet the climate challenge? Tell us how you imagine a more climate-resilient Boulder. We would love to hear your vision of hope. ”

Those wishing to participate are asked to limit their recording to less than 45 seconds.

Interested parties can submit their responses via voicemail or send an audio recording via SMS. Responses can be sent to 720-557-7834.

Community recordings can be shared at the Boulder City Council study session on Feb. 22, on the city’s website and with city partners, and are subject to change, according to the release. Recordings will be accepted throughout the year to capture the ongoing conversation about climate resilience in the community.

For more information on how to enter, visit the city newsroom at

Teresa H. Sadler