Biden will attend COP27 – the UN climate change summit – in Egypt

President Biden will travel to Egypt to attend this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, according to two people familiar with his plans who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a journey which is not yet public.

Biden’s planned attendance at the climate conference will give a boost to the rally, which was likely to deliver little concrete action amid disputes over ambition and funding.

The developing world has asked for much more help from the wealthy nations that are responsible for most of the warming of the climate throughout history. But these industrialized countries have been reluctant to make any promises.

Now Biden, who also attended last year’s conference in Scotland, will have the opportunity to showcase the progress his administration has made over the past year – and urge other countries to make moves. similar efforts. Climate advocates say the Cut Inflation Act will help give a boost to green industries that can survive the Biden administration, helping circumvent some of the climate boost that stems from vastly different visions global warming Democrats and Republicans.

China, in particular, has exploited US divisions on climate change to portray itself as a more reliable global partner and to evade pressure to cut its own emissions faster. Biden’s visit could help draw more nations to the American side.

Globally, many climate policymakers welcomed the legislation, though some also said they still want the United States to do more to help other countries around the world. Biden will therefore be addressing a largely friendly audience – potentially a respite after midterms – while facing pleas for help from the most vulnerable nations.

The trip to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, will be the first leg of a multinational trip for Biden that is expected to include stops in Cambodia and Indonesia for major world summits, including the G20.

“The president’s trip is unconfirmed,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan said in a statement.

Some U.S. officials did not expect Biden to attend the climate conference because it begins just before November’s midterm elections and overlaps with summits in Southeast Asia. The president is also due to return to Washington by Nov. 19 to attend his granddaughter’s wedding at the White House.

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Officials involved in the talks said a visit by the US president would boost the talks and was a good sign for the prospects of a deal.

“As a diplomat, I was taught to only send your director when there is a deal to be done or a game-changing announcement to be made,” said a European diplomat, speaking under cover of anonymity to speak frankly about private reactions. at the visit. “So if I then reverse that logic, deciding to send the principal has to mean there’s enough confidence that such a moment will emerge. That could be a very useful decision.”

The diplomat said that at the pace of these negotiations, smaller deals along the way can ultimately help spur bigger deals. During last year’s climate talks in Glasgow, for example, a side agreement between the United States and China to cooperate more on climate issues helped spur more ambitious final commitments.

Teresa H. Sadler