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New Delhi: Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav said on Sunday that achieving sustainable consumption and production patterns is key to solving the climate change crisis.

Speaking at the launch of a global initiative, “Lifestyle Movement for the Environment (LiFE)”, the minister stressed that it was crucial for the world to find ways to tackle climate change, not only with modern technologies, but with the “wisdom of our collective culture and tradition and knowledge”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded the movement, launching the “LiFE Global Call for Papers” to invite ideas and suggestions from scholars, universities and research institutes, etc., to influence and persuade individuals, communities and organizations around the world to adopt an environmentally friendly way of life.

Prime Minister Modi presented the idea of ​​LiFE at the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow last year.

Yadav said India is committed to growth that ensures sustainable development and has made significant progress in all areas such as clean energy systems, resilient urban infrastructure, innovative green transport networks and sustainable and planned reforestation despite its development challenges.

Over the past eight years, India has seen the fastest growth rate of renewable energy capacity addition among all major economies, he said.

“Today, when the world is facing a serious environmental crisis, it is crucial that we find ways to combat it not only through modern technologies, but with the wisdom of our culture, our traditions and our knowledge. The need of the hour is conscious and deliberate use The present generation must protect the rich natural treasure for future generations.

“Achieving sustainable consumption and production patterns is essential if we are to work on the global crisis of climate change,” Yadav said.

He said Prime Minister Modi had, during COP 26, stressed the importance of individual behavior change to catalyze climate action as part of the “Lifestyle for the Environment (Life)” movement.

The launch of LiFE’s global call for papers envisions making individual behavior change the center of the global climate action narrative and making sustainable living a global mass movement, he said. declared.

Teresa H. Sadler