Arctic amplification: Arctic global warming is happening almost four times faster than the rest of the world: new study

The rate of global warming in the Arctic is occurring nearly four times faster than the rest of the planet, according to a new study by researchers in Finland and Norway.

The new research has shown that the Arctic polar region has warmed at an unprecedented rate in recent decades.

This rate of warming is alarming because it is higher than what climatologists had previously estimated.

In a climate phenomenon called “Arctic amplification”, Finnish-Norwegian research has found the process is consistent with previous research that the Arctic is losing its reputation as one of the coldest polar regions in the world. Earth.

However, the rate of warming suggests associated environmental impacts, including melting glaciers and rising sea levels globally.

Last year, scientists discovered that the Arctic Ocean has been warming since the turn of the 20th century. almost at the start of the industrial revolution, marked by an increase in human-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The warming of the Arctic Ocean is believed to be fueled by a separate but related natural phenomenon called “Atlantification”.

For decades, scientists have warned of the growing risk associated with the burning of fossil fuels and the emission of various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

In April, more than 1,000 scientists from 25 countries engaged in a week of global climate protest.

Enraged scientists have expressed frustration after their dire warnings about worsening climate change were ignored.

Arctic global warming

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According to the new article published in the journal Earth & Environment Communications On Thursday August 11, global warming in the Arctic almost quadrupled from 1979 to 2021 and this has been the case in most parts of the icy continent.

Research has found that such a rate has a significantly high ratio compared to what was generally reported in existing and previous scientific literature.

The latest findings suggest the Arctic is warming exponentially, highlighting the real threats posed by the ongoing climate crisis.

The collaborative study was made possible by researchers from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the International Center for Climate Research Oslo (CICERO) and the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Eastern Finland.

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Arctic amplification and Atlanticification

Arctic amplification values ​​known as “AA” were the measure used to determine warming.

According to the researchers, the most extreme AA values ​​transpired in the sea areas near Novaya Zemlya, as cited by AccuWeather.

The research team used several observational datasets based on climate model simulations.

The results gave those previous assessments that Arctic warming was underestimated, according to the study.

The new study comes nearly a year after scientists revealed in November 2021 that the Arctic Ocean had warmed since the 1900s due to the said Atlanticification mentioned earlier in this article.

The 2021 research highlights the correlation between the North Atlantic and the Arctic, where warmer, saltier southern waters move towards northern waters.

Last year’s study was published in the journal Scientists progresscited by the United Press International (UPI).

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