Africa: Groundbreaking study attributes $6 trillion in global warming-related economic losses to US, China and other countries

The first study to assess the economic impacts that individual countries have caused on other countries – through their contributions to global warming – shows that five national greenhouse gas emitters have generated $6 trillion in global economic losses from 1990 to 2014. At a deeper level, the study now provides a solid scientific basis to show that anthropogenic warming constitutes a significant international transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

There’s no denying it anymore – countries that have historically grown on cheap and dirty fossil fuels have done measurable financial damage to poorer countries and a new study, the first of its kind, has the numbers and the physics to back it up. substantiate this claim above.

The authors explain that the study underlines “that the responsibility for the warming lies mainly with a handful of large emitters and that this warming has led to the enrichment of emitters at the expense of the poorest people in the world” adding that they “quantify these costs to each country and who is specifically responsible for them”.

Through this end-to-end integrated attribution analysis conducted by researchers at the prestigious Dartmouth College, a solid scientific basis for climate liability claims between different countries has been established. “The…

Teresa H. Sadler