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Our Responsibility

Most of the energy we use is derived from fuel burning. Each time we make a car journey, fly off on holiday, switch on the kettle, turn on the heating, we are likely to be making a small contribution to future climate disasters and must take some responsibility for the resulting human suffering, not to mention the effect on animal and plant species.


We have no choice but to consume energy to live – for our warmth, food & clothing, transport, business and leisure activities. BUT there are many ways in which we can moderate our energy consumption - it is our moral responsibility to make personal efforts in our homes, the workplace, schools, and when travelling (see “Saving Energy” page). Many people remain either disinterested, in denial or fatalistic about climate change – it is time to act!

Don't Leave it to Governments

They will not do enough - as the stalled annual UN conferences show. Renewable energy sources such as wind farms have very low power outputs and can only contribute a fraction of our requirements for many years to come. Personal efforts to reduce energy consumption must play a key part. Governments will not take strong enough action unless there is pressure from the electorate - they are waiting for us!