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Speaker Network


A company specialising in assisting public and private sector organisations to reduce energy and water consumption.


Airport Watch
The UK's main pressure group specifically devoted to campaigning to reduce airport growth and aviation growth.


All Things Eco
Directory of products and services supporting environmentally friendly, sustainable, fair trade, ethical, organic & natural principles.


Alternative Energy from the Ocean
Ocean thermal energy is a potential alternative energy source
that needs to be funded and explored much more than presently.


Association for the Conservation of Energy
Formed in 1981 by a number of major companies active within the UK energy conservation industry.


Blog green
A blog dedicated to green energy solutions.


British Wind Energy Association
Interesting facts and figures about UK wind farms.

Campaign Against Climate Change
Mainly campaigns against oil companies and USA government policy, with London-based marches.


Carbon Reduction Action Groups (CRAGS)
Growing network of local groups for members to reduce their carbon footprints, including annual emissions targets and personal carbon trading.


Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Long-established experimental site and visitor centre in North Wales involved in wide range of environmental matters.


Centre for Sustainable Energy
A national charity working to advance sustainable energy policy and practice.


Climate Action Network
Large worldwide network of organisations working to promote action to limit human-induced climate change.


Climate Ark
Climate change/global warming portal and search engine promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and ending deforestation.


Climate Care
The best known UK climate offset company. Pay to offset your flights, etc.


Climate Change Action
Comprehensive climate change blogs by a Scottish activist, with emphasis on energy - renewable, distributed and wasted.


Climate Change Speaker Network
List of UK-based speakers available to give talks to local groups and schools.


The Climate Group
UK-based organisation working to capture, analyse and make available knowledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the experience of corporations, governments and financiers across the globe.


Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)
COIN aims to create a powerful and vocal community of people working together to move technology, government and business forward to reduce emissions.


Climate Radio
A series of informative interviews on climate change. Climate Radio features interviews with some of the best informed and authoritative voices on climate change.


Climate Stewards
Christian carbon offsets organisation.


Compare Gas and Electricity Prices
Energy comparison sites help you find the cheapest electricity tariffs available.   Switching energy companies leads to significant savings on utilities.


Cool Kids For a Cool Climate
Young people's site: "Taking individual action, because climate change is too big a problem to leave to the politicians".


Directory Science
Comprehensive science directory with many environment links.


Down Shifting Week
The third annual National Downshifting Week, 19 to 25 April 2008, from writer and broadcaster Tracey Smith.


Earth Platform
Environment website and search engine, covering subjects like deforestation, global warming, endangered species or environmental pollution.


Eco Fashion
Organic ethical clothing such as t-shirts from bamboo & eucalyptus.


The Eco & Ono Show
Travelling stage show for primary schools in Scotland to teach children about environmental issues.


"The Green Sales Generator". Sales & marketing company for green products and services.


The Eco Experts - Solar Panel Installers Comparison Prices
Matching homeowners with PV solar photovoltaic panel installers.


Very informative site on how to fund eco-based projects, grants, etc.


Eco-friendly Weddings
Ethical and green wedding ideas.


Eko Noiz Eco T-shirts: Ethical Fashion and Clothing
Eco-activist t-shirt labelling.


Energy Grants & Solar PV Panels
EnergyGrants place customers in touch with trusted MCS approved installers of Solar PV Panels.


Environmental Management
The Green House is a company providing businesses with tailored waste
management programs to minimise their waste output and costs.



The Environment Site
Donate for free to help protect the environment, by clicking, shopping or searching.


Environmental Population
Provides environmental information to SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises): Climate Change, Biodiversity, Waste Management & Energy & Water Reduction.


Ethical Jobs
Ethical Jobs™ aims to list the best jobs available for people with a social conscience who have a desire to play a part in creating a better environment for us all to share.


Energy Efficient Homes Directory
Database of articles on many aspects of energy efficiency in the home.

Energy Saving Trust
The government agency which provides advice and grants for energy saving.

Evo Energy
Design and install Solar PV systems for domestic, commercial and public sector clients. Based Nottingham.

Footprint Friends
Giving young people a voice on climate change.

Friends of the Earth
A lot of information including up-to-date press releases on Climate Change issues. Their "Climate Challenge 2004" involves making personal pledges to cut energy consumption.

Global Action Plan
An environmental charity helping people to take practical actions in homes, business, schools and communities.


A one stop portal for all things green, clean and ethical.


Green Engineering Jobs
International job board focussing on the renewable energy and environmental industries.


Green Party
The political environment party. Lots of comment about Climate Change.

Green Providers Directory
Site aimed at trying to get consumers to switch to green providers across a broad spectrum of goods and services.


UK Environmental Directory - comprehensive, e.g. includes lists of manufacturers of wide range of clean energy equipment - wind, solar, bio, etc.

Green Transport inc. couriers and house removals
Making use of spare capacity in delivery lorries to cut down on wasteful journeys and reduce prices.

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
The UK Met. Office's research centre.

Home Energy Efficiency
Good summary of the basics for domestic energy efficiency and micro-generation.

Ibstock does Climate Change
Enthusiastic village campaign in Leicestershire.

Software to save and calculate energy use.


Living on the Cusp
Campaign to educate about peak oil and energy.

Low Impact Living Initiative
LILI is dedicated to helping protect the global environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life. Contact to find out about courses, manuals, information sheets, products and presentations.


openDemocracy debate the politics around climate change.


Operation Noah
The Christian "Churches Together" climate change campaign.


Plane Stupid
Britain’s first national direct action campaign group opposing the growth in aviation and the government’s plans for airport expansion.


Planetary Voices
Green Radio audio site featuring environmental issues.


Rainforest Portal
Comprehensive site with rainforest issues, news items, etc.


Renewable Energy Articles
Comprehensive articles and blogs on many forms of renewable energy.


Renewable Energy Sources
Provides information for home owners, businesses and students on renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines and more.


Responsible People
An upbeat ethical living website that aims to raise awareness of the issues of climate change and sustainability at a local level.


Rising Tide
Climate Change campaigners, strong on issues of politics and social justice; campaigning emphasis is against oil companies. Web site has a very good "Resources" section.

Impressive USA web site with much information on climate change actions and energy saving measures for both businesses and individuals.

Practical Home Energy Saving.

Air pollution site with some useful info on polluting gases, etc.

Sink swatch
"An initiative to track and scrutinize carbon sink projects". A British-based watchdog which campaigns against obtaining carbon credits by tree planting.

Solar Fusion Ltd
Supplier of solar hot water and pv (electric) systems.

The Solar & Windpower Centre
Range of green energy solutions including domestic wind turbines, solar panels, power inverters, LED lamps, deep cycle batteries and more. Plus help and advice on decreasing your carbon footprint.

European Union research project, created to develop, compare and assess possible scenarios for the transport system and energy supply of the future, and to support the specific future needs of the transport energy sector.



Consumer information on
the most energy efficient products.


Think Transport
Site dedicated to improving all forms of transport and reducing global warming.


A carpool site to help find a lift to work or elsewhere - completely free.


UK Energy Saving
Website with information and tips on ways to save energy and how to save money on household bills.

Water Pollution Guide
Contains useful information about sources of water pollution and the potential dangers. For adults and children, with tips on ways to help keep our waters clean.

we CAN
Climate Action Now was started by a group of mothers and young people, calling for a cross-party coalition to guide and direct government planning and industry direction.

Very impressive web site with information on a wide range of actions and products for low-carbon living.

Wild About Britain
British wildlife magazine with daily news, forums, gallery, events calendar, encyclopaedia and directory to nature and environment conservation issues across the UK.

Wind Energy Planning
Web site and blogs to explore what people are doing in the world to successfully integrate renewable energy into living and working environments.

Women's Environmental Network
Campaigns on environmental and health issues from a woman's perspective.


Youth Against Climate Change
Campaign to engage students of all ages. Provides ideas, resources and information to help students and teachers in schools, colleges and universities to run projects and promote practical solutions to climate change in their own communities.


Zero Carbon Britain
CAT's strategy for Britain to eliminate emissions from fossil fuel within 20 years.

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