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Some effects of Climate Change to date

  • The joint warmest years globally since world records began in 1856 were 1998 (strong El Nino), 2005 and 2010. The 2000-2010 decade was the warmest recorded.

  • The Arctic ice sheet is contracting at approx 8% per decade.

  • Shrinking glaciers, thawing permafrost - this is considered one of the greatest risks for future uncontrollable warming - there is a huge amount of methane released as permafrost melts.

  • Tropical diseases: additional deaths due to the migration of disease caused by warming could already be 5 million, according to the World Health Organisation. Also animal diseases – e.g. the “blue tongue” virus, formerly only found in Africa, has killed large nos. of sheep in Europe.

  • Water shortages in Africa - the war in Darfur is at least partly put down to climate change.

  • Desertification of Northern China (although also due to tree removal).

  • Displacement of Inuits due to melting ice.

  • Increased severity and frequency of weather extremes: in 2010, 17 countries experienced record temperatures. Extreme flooding in Pakistan and Australia.

  • Dying coral reefs and planckton due to increasing acidification of the oceans as they absorb more carbon dioxide from the air.

  • Miscellaneous: lengthening of growing seasons in the most northern and southern countries, animal and plant species moving towards the poles or to higher ground, decline of some animal and plant populations, earlier tree flowering, insect emergence and egg-laying in birds.