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Those who wish to become involved in helping people to better understand the issues can reach out to both the general public and organisations by various methods (whatever they feel comfortable with) such as one or more of the following:


  • Place posters in shops, supermarkets, libraries, public buildings, offices, schools, etc; to bring attention to climate change, local contacts.

  • Presence in public places, e.g. town centres (on-street, in markets or shopping malls) and at events, to discuss the issues and to hand out information (see Downloads page). Remember to obtain permission first from the district or town council or owners. Display materials can be supplied for fixing to a table or stand to attract attention.

  • Provide talks to clubs & societies, schools, business gatherings, councils. Suggested content and a Powerpoint presentation can be supplied on request. Most schools and sixth form colleges welcome external speakers, especially for PSHE and Citizenship, along with General Studies and Geography; also for morning assembly. Primary schools too. There are many adult groups who regularly book speakers - e.g. WI, Townswomen, Rotary, Round Table, Inner Wheel, Soroptimists, Probus, U3A, Civic Societies, church groups, political groups, etc. - libraries have lists or websites showing societies and contacts.

  • Seek publicity in the local press.

  • Comment to the management of any organisation you consider to be wasting energy - e.g. overheated stores, schools, council offices! Make approaches to local businesses, councils, MPs and other organisations by letter/e-mail/telephone/visit.

  • Gently spread the word to relatives, colleagues, friends, contacts. Probably best to use unpushy comments at opportune moments and to show your concern by example.

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