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About Us

Climate Concern UK was set up in 2004 by myself, Peter Hale. I had recently sold a business and wanted to use time available to campaign about the dangers of climate change and especially to discourage excessive use of energy. I also wanted to find ways to involve others in conveying the message.

I produced this web site, attempting to cover the basics of the carbon emissions/global warming/climate change problem, to help challenge scepticism and denial, and explain why we should all recognise the risks to human wellbeing from our carbon emitting lifestyles. 

Significant climate change news items and science updates, along with some of my own insights and experiences, are distributed through email newsletters on an occasional basis.

The main activity resulting from my efforts is the Climate Change Speaker Network. After starting to give talks myself to various local societies and schools, I came across mention of such a network on a U.S. web site. Knowing that nothing similar existed in the UK, I started one. Speakers were initially found with help from some of the main environmental groups who publicised the search. The web site ( went live in August 2006 and the network soon grew to around 100 speakers in many parts of the UK.